Package com.itextpdf.text.pdf.richmedia

Class Summary
CuePoint A video file can contain cue points that are encoded in a video stream or may be created by an associated ActionScript within the Flash content.
RichMediaActivation The RichMediaActivation dictionary specifies the style of presentation, default script behavior, default view information, and animation style when the annotation is activated.
RichMediaAnimation A RichMediaAnimation dictionary specifies the preferred method that conforming readers should use to apply timeline scaling to keyframe animations.
RichMediaAnnotation Object that is able to create Rich Media Annotations as described in the document "Acrobat Supplement to the ISO 32000", referenced in the code as "ExtensionLevel 3".
RichMediaCommand the annotation handler specific to the target instance specified by the TI key in the parent rich-media-execute action dictionary.
RichMediaConfiguration The RichMediaConfiguration dictionary describes a set of instances that are loaded for a given scene configuration.
RichMediaDeactivation The RichMediaActivation dictionary specifies the condition that causes deactivation of the annotation.
RichMediaExecuteAction A rich-media-execute action identifies a rich media annotation and specifies a command to be sent to that annotation's handler.
RichMediaInstance The RichMediaInstance dictionary, referenced by the Instances entry of the RichMediaConfiguration, describes a single instance of an asset with settings to populate the artwork of an annotation.
RichMediaParams Dictionary containing parameters related to an active Flash subtype in a RichMediaInstance dictionary.
RichMediaPosition The position of the window in the reader presentation area is described by the RichMediaPosition dictionary.
RichMediaPresentation The RichMediaPresentation dictionary contains information about how the annotation and user interface elements are to be visually laid out and drawn.
RichMediaWindow The RichMediaWindow dictionary stores the dimensions and position of the floating window presented to the user.

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