Class SimpleBookmark

  extended by com.itextpdf.text.pdf.SimpleBookmark
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class SimpleBookmark
extends Object
implements SimpleXMLDocHandler

Bookmark processing in a simple way. It has some limitations, mainly the only action types supported are GoTo, GoToR, URI and Launch.

The list structure is composed by a number of HashMap, keyed by strings, one HashMap for each bookmark. The element values are all strings with the exception of the key "Kids" that has another list for the child bookmarks.

All the bookmarks have a "Title" with the bookmark title and optionally a "Style" that can be "bold", "italic" or a combination of both. They can also have a "Color" key with a value of three floats separated by spaces. The key "Open" can have the values "true" or "false" and signals the open status of the children. It's "true" by default.

The actions and the parameters can be: