Bagel Shop
no imageStandard & Pours
Enjoy listening to heady music and chart busters while you sip the perfectly brewed coffee. Located in the historic Sears Building, south side on Lamar just sou …

1409 S. Lamar Suite #012
Dallas,TX 75215
(214) 565-0383
no imageExcuses Extreme Cafe

Have you been to Excuses yet?? Why not?? We want to give you every excuse to come and make no excuses when you do.?

Excuses Extreme Cafe is a TOTA …

3025 Main Street
Dallas,TX 75226
no imageCorner Bakery Cafe
On the Corner of Your Life
In the restaurant. On the go. Pick up or delivery, catering at the office or entertaining at home. Morning, noon and night. Whenev …

8687 N. Central Expressway
Dallas,TX 75231
no imageHob Nob Hill
Harnold and Dorothy Hoersch opened a 14-stool lunch counter named the Juniper Cafe with a lofty goal to provide excellent service, good quality food at affordab …

2271 First Avenue
San Diego,CA 92101
(619) 239-8176
no imageFred 62
Located in the heart of the Los Feliz entertainment district, Fred 62 is a retro-kitsch diner and local landmark that has been serving the community 24 hours a …

1850 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles,CA 90027
(323) 667-0062