This html tree demo shows a simple usage example of a fast and efficient html-based tree control structure, which is dynamically loaded upon page fetch. This portal page is structured as a frameset, with the left side showing a set of hierarchical categories. All sub-categoies also show their respective data item count. The names of these categories serve as links, whose activation passes parameters to the right frame upon load, and as it loads, it dynamically shows the results in a listing type format. These results are randomized and the first 25-items are shown. Randomization is performed for each iteration of sub-category selection, so subsequent clicks will immediately produce a new random set. The results shown on the right, also have additional links to facilitate detailed drill down into each individual listing.

All data contained within this demo is publicly available online from multiple sources, and it was retrieved using the AnalyticTools Data Mining tool suite.

To use the demo, click and expand the categories shown upper-left, then click on the sub-categories to see the data listing. Notice by rapidly clickin on each subcategory, the data is rapidly retrieved and shown as listings on the right side. The illustration below shows the process: