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 AnarduinoAnarduino Website and Products
 HopeRF RadiosHopeRFUSA Website and Products
 Anarduino KitAn Arduino compatible clone
 Data Mining Tools — ( coming soon )
 File Upload JavaBean with Image Processing Integration
 Html-Tree Example with dynamic data
 Interactive Photo Cropping
Client-side JavaScript application featuring a Backend Integration of ImageMagick and JMagick.
 iText / Check-WritingiText javadoc
Online check writing application demo, which creates a PDF document for printing of Personal checks. Dynamic PDF rendering is performed using iText libraries implemented in a Java Servlet.
 Test Data Generator — ( coming soon )
 Traffic Simulation Applet
A Java-based graphical simulator for observing various traffic behaviors. Multiple scenarios–each with selectable parameters are provided for creating a large variety of interactions.
Market View
 GPS Proximity Data Demo-1
 GPS Proximity Data Demo-2
 RSS News Feeds — ( coming soon )
 Weather Data — ( coming soon )
 Web Performance Test — ( coming soon )

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